Wednesday, April 18, 2007


U want adventure holly
Wen did I ever let u down?
Different Shifts
Oh! My Jesus
What about u holly?
U got a Man?
Wats dat sound?
I feel like road kill, give me 5 minutes.
We r leavin at 7 don’t b late.
Beth u r not driving.
U better hurry up, v r runnin late.
I m havin fun.
U shud have sum water.
Ny guy dat gave it 2 me, I’d dump him rite away.
Nice parking. Thanks.
I shud’nt have wasted the effort.
C’mon keep up.
Oi, get 2 d bak.
Don’t go wandering off.
A real Kodak Moment?
U r having a laaf.
I don’t want ny stunts dis time.
Follow my lead.
Slow & ez.
Holly, FUCK OFF!!!!
Chuck us ur bag.
Cum on Let’s eet.
The cave is a lot cooler dan I thot.
I m just goin 2 take a luk round. Ok?
R u still behind me?
I m stuck.
Just keep breathin.
Just listen 2 me.
Take hold o my arm.
Hurry up.
Don’t tuch me.

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